A society in balance

Our society is out of balance and it’s women in particular who are vulnerable to this. We women have been trying to reach an ideal which has turned out to be unfeasible.
It’s time for a new and realistic female ideal which will offer the key to a society in balance.

A society in evolution

Lifestyle diseases, burnouts, divorce, over-stimulated children: society is holding up a mirror to confront us with ourselves. We’re smack-bang in the middle of a transition from a society focused on profit, market forces, competition and growth, to a society focused on cooperation, sustainability, happiness and community.

From emancipation to adaptation

Women’s emancipation finally offered women the opportunity to take part in society. We grabbed this opportunity with both hands without asking ourselves what we as women need to fulfil that role. We also forgot to call into question the existing labour and social model. We simply adapted and as a consequence became over-stimulated and tired, just like men.

Not the same but equal

At this stage we no longer need to prove ourselves: the times of the public battle of the sexes and ‘women’s power suits’ are luckily a thing of the past. Women have become more comfortable with their femininity. All the same, the battle is still ongoing for many of us, within ourselves and in our relationships.

That’s to be expected: emancipation and double-income couples have, after all, only just come into play. We haven’t acquired the awareness and the words to deal with the multitude of needs, expectations and roles involved. For years the differences between men and women were pushed to the background because we were focused on equal rights. This tactic is no longer sustainable.

We’re equal but not the same. In order to fully develop as men or women, we need a different connection to our male or female awareness. The key? Developing awareness through personal development.

Today’s role model: the new alpha female

Women who are active today grew up with the ‘old-school’ alpha female ideal: a career woman who is also the perfect partner, mum, daughter and friend. In short, a woman who faces every challenge head-on… or at least knows how to act as if she does. This ideal has been proven to be unfeasible when we consider the price that many have had to pay: broken relationships, over-stimulated children, burnouts, …

Our world needs a new ideal image of the alpha female: a woman who is in contact with her femininity and who can leverage this to create her place in the world. This ideal is workable for all women and is the key to a more balanced relationship, family and world.

What about you? Are you balanced?

Are you stuck in the rat race and do you feel you hardly have any time for yourself and your relationship? If so, read my book and take the first step in rediscovering your forgotten femininity.