From struggle mum to a more balanced woman

While at the height of my self-created rat race, I decided I couldn’t carry on like that. I started investing in personal development and now I experience an unprecedented sense of freedom and transformative effects on my relationships. This is my story.

Struggle mum? That’s me!

It’s the 17th of November 2009. I’m in the waiting room of my GP, reading ‘Struggle Mums’, an article on the challenging combination of juggling a career, family and relationship. I think of everything I had to arrange just to be at my doctor’s on time and suddenly realise I’m a struggle mum.

At that point in time, I had had a career in consultancy, HR management and as a communications advisor for a cabinet. I was a council member, a married woman and a mum. I managed to keep the balls in the air, but I was no longer enjoying it. I was stuck in my self-created rat race.

The article was the final straw. Using the ‘Send to all’ button, I handed in my notice and announced the fact that I would be writing a book. In my first draft, I put the blame for my struggle on society, my employers, my husband, feminists….and I’m glad I never sent this version to the publisher : )

Personal development and growth

My personal growth created more balance in all my relationships, even though this is not a given. It’s still a bit of a struggle at times, but with completely different results!

In my professional life, too, I started my own coaching practice, trained to become a certified coach and took courses in NLP Master, Insights Discovery®, Enneagram Practitioner and Systemic work (Bert Hellinger).

My life now: using my femininity to take my place in the world

There were no fundamental changes in my life. I was not confronted with a serious disease, the loss of a loved one, a divorce or any other event that generally forces people to change. It was simply personal development that changed my approach to life.

Do you feel inspired?

My book will help you on your way to regain contact with your forgotten femininity. You will soon experience the effects in your relationship, family and life in general.